Book Publications

Publications produced by the members of the Institute on behalf of ISWR Thermi-Thessaloniki or other institutions:
  • More than 200 scientific articles in international journals  (Complete list)
  • Scientific books (see below)
Koukoulakis P., Papadopoulos A., 2007. Problem soils and their improvement. Publisher Stamoulis, pp.412 ISBN: 9603516937 (in Greek)
Koukoulakis P., Papadopoulos A., 2003. Interpretation of leaf analysis. Publisher Stamoulis, pp.516 ISBN: 9603514403 (in Greek)
Koukoulakis P., Papadopoulos A., 2001. Interpretation of soil analysis. Publisher Stamoulis, pp.372 ISBN: 9603513423 (in Greek)
Koukoulakis P., Simonis A., Gertsis A., 2000. Soil organic matter - The problem of Greek soils. Publisher Stamoulis, pp.492 ISBN: 9603513105 (in Greek)
Chatzistathis Th., 2014. Micronutrient deficiency in soils and plants. Publisher Bentham E-books, pp.205 ISBN: 9781608059355 (in English)
Koukoulakis P., Kalavrouziotis I., Kokkinos P., 2017. Geochemical behaviour of heavy metals in the environment. Publisher Tziola, pp.552 ISBN: 9604187104 (in Greek)
Stylianidis D., Simonis A., Syrgiannidis G., 2002. Nutrition and fertilization in pomology trees: Deficiencies, toxicities and fruit physiological disorders. Publisher Stamoulis, pp.676 ISBN: 9603513776 (in Greek)
Gikas P. et al., 2011. Water for the islands. Publisher Hellenic Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage, pp.94 ISBN: 9789609955027 (in Greek)
Koukoulakis P., 1994. Potassium facts. Publisher Stamoulis, pp.116 ISBN: 9603120391 (in Greek)
Iatrou M., Psoma P., Mpountla A., 2013. Laboratory guidelines for soil analysis. Internal ISWR publication, Eds: Papadopoulos A., Papadopoulos F., pp.170 (in Greek)
Metaxa E., Tziachris P., 2016. Statistics manual: Controlling various hypotheses of statistical tests using SPSS v.22, Internal ISWR Publication, pp.30 (in Greek)
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